Mike Lyons English School, serving the Kani City area since 1996.

大人クラスMeijo University's Mike Lyons started this school in 1996 with the intention of offering personalized English services to all the school's students. We have schools, near Teikyo Junior High and High School in Katsuragaoka Kaniand in Kitayama Yaotsu. We teach students of all ages, from parents with little kids aged 0-4 to seniors. We teach elementary, junior high and high school students and adults as well. Our teachers are qualified English instructors. Our goal is to help our students through personalized lessons to become more international and have greater access to free travel.


Our students attend group or private classes. Classes are designated by level and the students' purpose, and the teacher gives lessons in English conversation, travel English, everyday English, school English, etc. as appropriate. The maximum group size at our schools is 6. With small group sizes we can assure all students receive plenty of attention. We also offer on-site business classes or TOEIC intensives if you require a teacher to go out to your location.

こどもクラスTake a look at our English or Japanese web sites. Feel free to call us in English or Japanese  or come visit our school.